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Featured Instruments

Matus Joachim #108
This violin has the even, nimble and powerful sound suitable for the finest players. Easy to voice and exceptionally responsive this instrument gives the impression of the sound just wanting to flow out of it and yet it is immediately ready to go in another direction, very dark or bright, very quiet or booming, as needed. With a deep crimson to brown varnish and pleasant antiquing this beautiful violin is one of the finest of Todd Matus' work. - $28,000 

Matus Guarneri #102 
This is a remarkably lush sounding violin, made on the pattern of the famed "Kochanski" Guarneri del Gesu, has a rich, dark sound, loud and extremely even, with great response- "A violist's violin" according to one player. Even the e-string has an marvelously rich character and the instrument is easy on the eyes, with a convincing aged patina on a very clear amber varnish with hints of red. - $21,000

Matus Guarneri #215
An exquisite violin demonstrating some of the finest features in the Guareri style. Fully characteristic with a sumptuous mid to upper register, along with a lush lower end. Wonderful response and capable of great power. A seemingly well-aged patina beguiles the casual observer, but this is truly a fine well-made new instrument. - $18,000

Matus Titian #113
This fine sounding, resonate instrument seems to have no upper limit, the player can add power and volume as desired. Built on the pattern of the great "Titian" Strad, the sound is bright and extremely even. With excellent response and gutsy lower strings this violin has it all. It is very pretty also, with a deep red and gold varnish and a very delicately antiqued patina.- $19,000

Matus Joachim #114
This violin has a big open sound with very fast response. Made on the pattern of the great Stradivari "Joachim" violin, the instrument has a rich and even output across all 4 strings and is easy to play loudly or quietly. Finished with a deep golden red varnish this is a stunning instrument to hear and to look at- $16,000

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