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Todd Matus violins are fully constructed in our Indianapolis shop. From inception, every instrument is completely hand made by Todd Matus. From wood selection to voicing to final set-up and finish, these vibrant instruments are noted for their impeccable tonal characteristic and visual beauty. 

It’s the distinctive antiqued oil varnish finish that first draws one’s attention to a Todd Matus instrument. Matus has evolved a multi-layered formula of hand applied pigments and varnish which are then artistically removed to emulate the natural patina of an older instrument. Todd Matus instruments combine the deep beauty of an aged instrument with the good health of a fine new handmade masterwork.

Indeed, the general tonal character of each creation is reflective of the tonal characteristics of the original masterpieces: the brilliant projection in the upper registers of the Guarneri, and the unsurpassed strength and beauty in the mid to lower registers of the Stradivari.

“For me, art and craft are different. In violin making you are going to follow tradition. That is the way to make fine violins. Thant means copying master instruments as much as possible in terms of their structure. You don’t’ have to copy every detail. You have very little leeway for self-expression.

“I think art has to have some sort of expression of being, or what being is. In both art and craft of violin making, the degree of difficulty is very satisfying.

“I wouldn’t have predicted how much I enjoyed things like polishing or rubbing out or sanding and working on violin for hours on end because, my other passion, photography, of course is quite a bit quicker.

“People talk to me and assume that I play the violin. No, I say, I’m a woodworker. But how can you make a violin if you don’t know how to play it? I tell them, ‘You have to create it before you can play it.’

“So I think of myself as an artist whose day job is making violins. Of course I’m deep into that. I have a professional standing as well. It is art and a craft It’s a fascinating thing to make, and very, very engaging.“

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