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Fine European Instruments, Individually Made 

Sofia violins, violas and cellos are made by expert luthiers in Europe and United States through Easton Consort International, LLC.


Creating the Sofia Violin

The fundamental concept of Sofia Violins has always been the powerful combination of European and American workmanship, relying exclusively on the superior tonewoods sourced in Bosnia, Germany and Romania. Then we bring these instruments into the Sofia shop in Indianapolis, where our craftsmen disassemble and reexamine every instrument; then provide additional individual graduation, varnishing, final finishing and setup. 

More recently, we have strived to bring this master craft approach to every price point, Despite the cost challenges of specifying proper materials, absorbing transportation and the additional violinmaking skills required, we are dedicated to the concept of bringing violins, violas and cellos, made in the true master art tradition at price points more accessible to advancing players. But, for these new models to be true Sofias, they must adhere to the historic company pattern of the European/American creative chain.

For students “stepping up” to a quality instrument, there is no better choice than Sofia Sylvanus.  Crafted in Europe, from aged European spruce and maple, Sylvanus violins and violas benefit from the ageless luthiers traditions of the master.   Sylvanus also benefits from the fine finish work done at the Sofia shop in Indianapolis, Indiana by master craftsman who understand how every instrument, even at the student level, must perform very well and nurture each player’s ability to grow musically.
Sylvanus instruments feature a robust sound and a level of finishing well worth the Sofia name. Tightly grained aged spruce and fine maple are custom graduated to achieve a level of performance that will grow as the player advances. Full ebony trim and a subtle red-brown varnish showcases the instrument’s potential. Available as violin and viola.

Instruments of stature for the developing musician, the Sofia Florin boasts beautiful, seasoned tonewoods sourced in locations renown since the classic golden period of Italian violinmaking.   Faithfully patterned after the two pillars of string instrument beauty and sound, Stradivari and B.G. Guarneri (del Gesu) by  skilled violinmakers in Europe and the U.S.  The preliminary whitework is done in Europe.  Additional graduation, adjustment, final finishing and set up is done by our luthiers in Indianapolis.  Available in violin, viola and cello models.

The Sofia Amadeus violin is of exceptional value. Beautifully constructed, this instrument has as wonderful a sound and will quickly become a lifelong musical treasure. This is truly a hand built instrument in the Stradivari design with final graduation and finishing done at the Sofia shop in Indianapolis.  Hand-applied pigments and varnish expose the natural patina. Fine ebony trim provides a stunning presentation that matches its wonderful tonal performance. Available as violin and viola.

The Sofia Del Gesu violin is patterned in the Guarneri style and echoes quite well the tonal characteristics of the original maker, including a brilliant mid to upper register. The faithfulness to the pattern, including the detailed graduation process produces exceptional tonal characteristics.  The color palette is also reminiscent of many of the originals, with a shaded amber brown to deep brown tone, with very little red.

This Sofia Grande violins and violas are hand crafted using our premium aged woods. Highly skilled luthiers prepare these instruments to achieve exceptional tonal characteristics. Made from the world's finest European acoustic wood - the preferred material of makers going back to the time of Amati and Stradivari. Every year, Sofia makers select and cut their wood in the Southern Balkan and Rodopi mountains. The wood is then aged for years before being used. Sofia Grande is finished with an artistically appealing varnish and fitted with extraordinary accoutrements.
Sofia Master Art violins and violas are hand crafted using the finest premium aged woods. The quality and age of the wood, the graduated plate thickness, and the precise placement of components such as the bass bar are critical to the tonal beauty of an instrument. All are interconnected and generate the superior sound, balance and response characteristics of this fine specimens.   Highly skilled luthiers prepare these instruments to achieve vibrant tonal characteristics. This is the art of a master, and is reflected in both the performance and appearance of Sofia Master Art.

Sofia Premium Master violin, viola and cello are exquisite instruments in both sound and sight. They are crafted to speak with the musical elegance approaching the human voice. Violins are available in the Stradivari Joachim and Titian models, and as the Guarneri Kochanski.  The viola model is patterned after that of Maggini. The cello pattern is that of Stradivari.

Sofia "Todd Matus" violins are fully constructed in our Indianapolis shop by artist master Todd Matus. From inception, every instrument is completely hand made by Todd Matus.  From wood selection to voicing to final set-up and finish, these vibrant instruments are noted for their impeccable tonal characteristic and visual beauty.